We are Southern Pullers Association.

The Southern Pullers Association Inc. was formed in the early 90's to help organize all the local pullers that have been pulling for years under other sanctioning bodies. Some of our regular pullers have been pulling since the early 70's and are still dedicated pullers with our organization today. They have pulled in the NTPA, ATPA, and the GTPA. We have National Champions such as Roy Everett/Doerunner and Tony Osteen/Georgia Rebel that have been pulling forever. We have had pullers qualify and pull at the Enderle Pulloff. We have pullers on any given night from Georgia, Florida, Indiana, and sometimes Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We have dedicated pullers in all classes. Our classes include 5400# Pro Street 2WD Trucks, 5200# Modified 2WD Trucks, 6200# Blown 2WD Trucks, 6000# 2WD Non Blown Trucks, 6000# 4WD Pro Street Trucks, 6200# 4WD Pro Stock Trucks, 6200# 4WD Modified Trucks, 2.6 Diesel Trucks and 8500# Light Pro Stock Tractors. Everyone works hard to put on a good show for the spectators because we know they are the ones that make our sport exist. Each pull is like a big family reunion and all the spectators are invited. So if you have never been to a Southern Pullers Event, COME ON DOWN! We will show you the best of the best as approximately 5 million dollars worth of equipment battle Sam Swan's Southern Impact sled to reach the 300 FT line. We look forward to seeing you and your family at our next family oriented Southern Pullers Association truck and tractor pull.

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