1. Trucks may be entered in one class and one time only.

2. All trucks must have seals.

3. Only one carburetor allowed. Stock bore center only. No high-pressure fuel system. 12 PSI max. No electronically controlled fuel system.

4. Gasoline only. No alcohol, no oxidizer.

5. Special hitches allowed. Maximum 26" hitch height. Hitch must be minimum of 36" from center of rear axle to hitch point. Eye hook, minimum 3" diameter horizontal.

6. No trick hitches. Draw bar must be rigid in all directions.

7. Open exhaust allowed (in safe direction only).

8. No dual wheels.

9. No planetary rear-ends.

10. Weights must be secured safely. No weights in cab.

11. If truck bed is cut out, bed cover required.

12. 472 cubic inch engine limit. No aluminum blocks. No magnetos.

13. No tunnel ram manifolds or sheetmetal intakes.

14. Maximum wheelbase: 140 inches

15. Maximum frame length: 15 feet from center of rear axle to further most point at front of vehicle.

16. Truck frame required. Fiberglass bodies allowed. All trucks must have front and rear fenders.

17. No aftermarket gear box (profab-scs- etc.) No aftermarket modified transmission gear kits.
Transmissions and/ or auxiliary boxes must have original gear ratios installed by manufacturer.

18. 4wd cant pull with front drive shaft removed.

19. Dot approved tires. Cut allowed. Maximum tire size 19.5x44. How use tires only.

20. No batteries or fuel tanks allowed in cab.

21. All fuel tanks must be located in back bed of vehicle.

22. All 2wd trucks are required to have wheelie bars on them. The bars must be put on as stated in the NTPA rules. The NTPA rule states the bars cant be any closer than two inches to rear wheels and six inches from the dirt if behind the wheel and ten inches if under the frame rail. They must have a 4" x 5: pad on the bottom. (No Wheels). 

23. Cylinder heads introduced to market after January 2003 will not be allowed. Any questions will be addressed by the SPA, Inc. board of directors.
Approved cylinder heads:
a.Chevrolet (General Motors)
Any conventional cylinder head with 24 degree valve angle.
The following heads are NOT allowed:
1. Pontiac or any Pontiac style
2. Oldsmobile or any DRCE cylinder head
3. Ray Frank's 12 degree spread port or similar heads
4. Brodix Big Duke or similar Brodix heads
5. Dart Big Chief or similar heads
b. Ford Thor
The following heads are considered legal:
1. Cobra jet, Super cobra jet, A-429 style
2. Blue Thunder
3. A-460, Ford Motorsports or Trick Flow
c. Mopar
Any cylinder head that doesn't have canted valves.
The following cylinder heads are NOT allowed:
1. Hemi '99 or Pro Stock
2. NRC Performance Products Predator
24. All discussions on rules must be directed to board members.
All decisions by track judges/ tech officials are final. Refer back to your general rules for more information.
Please read general and safety rules for all that apply to this class. All safety equipment required as described under safety rules and regulations of the Southern Pulling Rules handbook.